Thursday, August 7, 2014

Teenage Suicide

I've been thinking at a certain point is suicide the right and necessary solution? When something is no longer of used to you, you throw it away and forget about it. Unless your a hoarder then congrats on your TLC show and all of the cat shaped cookie jars you own. Is it only the clinically depressed and hopeless that find peace at the end of life or the rational ones? People are afraid of getting old and getting sick so why wait for the inevitable to happen? Why not clock out early and die as your best self, physically of course, with no wrinkles and no fear. Whats stopping us from suicide, dieing is going to get you at some point anyway, why not pick and choose how and when it happens. You retain control till the last eyelash flutter. instead of some random bullshit we call "fate". Life is hard death is easy. Dieing is nothing to be feared but hoped for. No stress, no dead lines, no feelings of not being good enough. Your finally done. All your responsibility's are gone. Death is like being born, sense of new and overwhelming peace. Maybe suicide isn't giving up, but it's making a conscious choice of being ready for the next chapter. 

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